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Have you ever read a book that got so intense and so intimate that chills began to run down your spine? Well if you haven’t just know you stumbled onto the correct website, this here…is all you will need. So get comfortable and relax let these stories take you for a ride, but I’ll warn you…this is no ordinary website, it’s a intimate sexy story telling website that will make you feel as if you are there!

So let’s began right away.

Office tangle

The end of the day has always been one of my favorites, only because it gets me closer to eight ‘o’ clock and I can get the fuck out of this boring office. The only thing stopping me from just throwing down this heavy stack of paper work is the fact that the pay for this job is decent as hell and because I’m also the daughter of the CEO.

“Ryann, can you drop those papers off at my desk your moms calling, you know how she gets.”

Sharp breath in….AND out in…AND out.

“Yes, sir.”

He smiles and kisses my forehead and walks away to answer his phone. Great now I get to take the elevator up to the very fucking top level just for these dumb ass papers.

That’s what happens when your the CEO’s daughter and assistant!

The elevator dinged and I stepped in quickly pressing level thirteen in the process, something I have grown so accustomed to doing. With the complete silence in the elevator I couldn’t help but tap my foot in annoyance, it always seemed that after seven ‘o’ clock the whole damn office seemed to be deserted and Whenever I thought I was going to be able to leave at a decent time I always fucking end up stuck here till around eight- thirty. I have to admit at least I wasn’t a security guard their usually here doing rounds through the night. That’s what happens when your a black multi-million self made CEO. We make no mistakes in taking our security to the next level, we can’t have anybody walking up in here.

At last the elevator doors popped open and I walked out quickly with a mission to drop the heavy papers off and get the hell out of here. My feet were sore from wearing these heels for hours on end a sacrifice I was willing to make long ago.

There was a hand scanner next to the door that only activated after closing and before opening for safety purposes, With a quick scan of my right hand the door clicked unlocked and I wasted no time at all in throwing the door open and drooping the papers off at The big oak desk.

Everything was shut tight and all you could hear echoing down the long shiny corridors where my loud heels ‘clickclacking’ As if I didn’t already have my hands full my elastic hair tie popped and my thick curly hair exploded over my head.

“Even my hair knows when it’s time to sit the fuck down!”

A chuckle escaped my lips as I grabbed my purse and keys and headed outside waving goodbye to the security on duty.

“Mrs. James the car is here for you.”

A big sigh of relief washed over me as I stepped out of my heels and slid into the awaiting car.

The drive to my own home wasn’t to long at all before I knew it the car was driving through the big iron gates and I could see my body guard waiting patiently out front near the big water fountain. I slipped out from the car before it could be opened and ran into the mansion.

Close behind was Caleb, my body guard…

Before my foot could touch the soft carpet My body was picked up with big strong manly hands that grasped ever so gently at my waist. Caleb hosted me up over his shoulder and up the long black staircase and finally up against a wall.

“I’ve been waiting all fucking day to see you. And to rip this blouse off!”

A loud gasp left from my parted lips as my breathing went rough. Caleb ripped the buttons off my blouse and Proceeded unsnapping my bra.

Soft, wet juicy, lips made its way slowly up my breast and to my sensitive neck, sucking and kissing at my tender flesh. Moans escaped from my lips and to Caleb’s ear making a sexy growl leave him.

With no time to waste Caleb took every single piece of clothing off of my body and laid me in the middle of the king sized bed, his hot tongue gliding up my stomach and flicking over my hard dark nipples.

“Oh, fuck Baby!”

Caleb took my nipple into his mouth and licked all over it, his hands took ahold of my wrist and pinned them down to the bedsheets.

“You like that Baby girl?”

A sharp wave of heat rushed up my body and I could just feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

“Yes, Daddy I want more!”

That look in Caleb’s dark eyes made my body ache for more, more and more. So quickly Caleb flipped me around on my hands and knees and a sharp slap came to my bare ass cheeks.

One, two, three.


Calebs firm grip found the back of my neck and he rubbed his hard clothed dick against my ass.

“Is that how you ask for more?”

Really my body couldn’t help it he knows I love when he’s rough.

“No, Daddy may I please have more?!”

Caleb undid his belt and tied my arms up with the soft leather and hooked it up onto the slots on the bed frame.

“Good girl.”

Only then did I feel a hot sensation run up my wet pussy from the back…His tongue!

Calebs hot tongue slid between my pussy lips as he ate my pussy from the back, a position I drooled over. The feeling of his curly beard brushing against my clit made my knees shake.

“Who does this pussy belong to Baby girl?”

A loud moan left me when he took my clit into his mouth and sucked.

“You, Daddy my pussy belongs to you!”

Caleb spit on my pussy entrance and slapped my ass cheek with his big black dick and pushed the tip in my pussy slowly as if to tease me he pulled it back out with a wet ‘pop’ noise.

“Please, Daddy put it back in!”

As if that was all he wanted to hear Caleb thrust his big dick deep into my pussy and all I could hear were my moans, his grunts and the sound of skin on skin contact.


That hand he had so firm on my neck tightened And so did my pussy.

“Shit, Baby girl your pussy is dripping.”

I looked over my shoulder as best I could as he swiped his fingers on my clit and licked my juices off his fingers.

“You taste so good too!”

My eyes rolled back as I pushed my pussy down on his dick taking it deeper.

“Ah, damn Baby girl..are you trynna make me bust?!”

This dirty talk was driving me closer and closer to the edge. Caleb untied my arms from the belt quickly and gripped my hips fucking me harder.

“Daddy I’m-”

Before I could finish my sentence two of Calebs fingers slid into my mouth as he fucked me faster.

“Suck them!”

Like a good girl I sucked on his fingers and moaned as I felt my pussy clench my orgasm making my body shake and my legs gave in.


“Turn around and get on your knees!”

Still dazed I did as told quickly as Caleb pumped his dick aiming the head of his dick to my lips he said just one word.


And I did just that as thick ropes of his white cum squirted into my mouth and on my cheeks.

“Swallow all of it Baby girl.”

And so I swallowed all of his cum while starring up into his eyes.

“Good girl.”

Caleb lifted my chin and kissed my lips.

“Your my good girl!”

My lips parted.

“I’m only your good girl Daddy.”

Caleb smiled and pulled me into his strong arms and held me tight while playing in my curly hair.


Well what did you all think of this story? A CEO’s daughter playing dirty like this, that’s very risky!!

Stay tuned

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